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Push around Quick up 13

Product Description

  • Easy to install and set up.
  • Easy “stand up” access through flip up top rail into basket.
  • Only one man for loading and unloading.
  • The Quick Up compact dimensions allows access through standard doorways.
  • The Quick Up low weight allows works on fragile grounds.
  • Cage and mast in aluminium.


Technical data
Working height (m) 12,8
Platform height (m) 10,80
Lift capacity (kg) 136
Length (m) 1,34
Width (m) 0,80
Height (stowed) (m) 2,77
Width - stabilised (m) 1,81
Length - stabilised (m) 2,10
Tilt bar (m) 2,82 x 1,97
Energy (AC) 110 V - 230 V
Weight (AC) (kg) 530
Energy (batteries) 12 V
Weight (DC) (kg) 580


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