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Model 555

Product Description

The 555 provides the lifting capacity of Manitowoc's popular Model 3900 and 3900W cranes plus easier mobilization, faster set up, and Manitowoc's patented EPIC® controls with the Can-Bus technology. The Model 555 was introduced to replace more than 1,000 Model 3900s and 4000s now in use.




136 t (150 USt)

Heavy Lift Boom

76 m (250 ft )

Heavy Lift Boom

85 m (280 ft)

Luffing Jib on Main Boom

100  m (330 ft )

Line Pull/Speed

147 kN/130 m/min (33,000 lb/425 fpm)



  • 253 kW (340 hp) engine
  • Fast, efficient self-assembly and disassembly
  • Complete crane, maximum boom, jib and counterweight ships on 3 trucks
  • All modules meet US weight and Euro width requirements
  • Manitowoc Crane Care support
  • EPIC® with Can-Bus technology


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