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Mantiwoc Crane Model 1015

Product Description

The premium foundation and duty-cycle crane offered in the lifting industry. This crawler crane boasts many attachments, which makes it versatile for any job, as well as Manitowoc quality and reliability.




120 t (132 USt)

Heavy Lift Boom

61 m (200 ft )

Fixed Jib

67 m (220 ft)

Line Pull/Speed

294 kN/131 m/min (66,000 lb/430 fpm)



  • 447 kW (600 hp) engine
  • EPIC controls with Can-Bus technology
  • Auxiliary hydraulic power packs for attachment power
  • 11 300 kg (25,000 lb) dragline capacity
  • Dynamic compaction in single or dual line with up to 25 t (28 USt)and automatic drop cycle
  • Diaphragm wall grab (2-rope or hydraulic) with 25 t (28 USt) free fall
  • 18 000 kg (40,000 lb) material rehandling clamshell capacity
  • Fast, efficient self-assembly and disassembly
  • Manitowoc Crane Care comprehensive support
  • Auxiliary power packages for driving hydraulic attachments
  • High performance angle boom for heavy duty cycle and shock load resistance
  • Optimal line pull/line speed 196 kN/187 m/min (44,000 lb/615 fpm)


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