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Broderson IC-25 Industrial Crane

Product Description

Capacity 1815kg
Pick and Carry Capacity up to 1540kg
Height 2.19m with O.G.**
Height 1.75m without O.G.**
Boom Rotation Fixed
Horizontal Reach up to 5.2m *
Width 1.22m
Sheave Height up to 8.4m
Rear Wheel Steer Standard
Front Wheel Drive Standard
Tight Turning Radius
Fully Hydraulic Controls for Smooth Precise Operations
Dual Fuel or Diesel Power Available
Water Cooled Engine

Crane Weights & Axle Loads

Base Weight Includes 4-Wheel Steer (if available)          
Typical WT includes operator, rigid boom extension, diesel, cab (exc. IC-20 & 35), 4WD on IC-200D-G & 250
Model Total Base Weight Front Base Weight Rear Base Weight Total Typical Weight Front Typical Weight Rear Typical Weight Wheel-Base Track Width Tyre Footprint
  (lbs) (lbs) (lbs) (lbs) (lbs) (lbs) (inches) (inches) (sq. inches)
IC-25-2A 5850 2200 3650 1476 2208 3939 70.00 40.00 46
NOTE:  All weights and measurements are in US pounds and inches.



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